Friday, November 7, 2008

From 11% to 8%

I was repeating my routine life (jam all the way to office) this morning and heard in MY FM's morning news about KWSP is reducing employee's EPF contribution from 11% to 8%. The very first thing I did once I reached office was logon and surf about it. Couldn't see anything in the Home Page of KWSP (as usual). However, this is what I found - The Star Online: EPF to adjust members'contributions to 8% from January. Have a read if you got the time.

Anyway, you have the option to choose to change it back to 11%. Just go and knock the KWSP's door and let them know you want to remain as 11%. I did a simply calculation based on the average salary of a fresh graduate (it is way higher than me when I was a freshie :< ) as below: Note: calculations are excluded Tax and Socso reduction.

11% Based
Basic Salary: RM2500
11% EPF: RM275
Remaining: RM2225

8% Based
Basic Salary: RM2500
8% EPF: RM200
Remaining: RM RM2300

Conclusion: You have extra RM75 to spend per month, but you lost RM31,500 in you saving if you work for another 35years(assume you have a fix salary for 10year...Yes I know that is very sad....hehehehe).

So, you judge yourself whether you want that extra amount per month now or you would like to have that extra RM31K when you are 55?

Want to know my choice? I still haven't decide when I press the Publish Button.

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008


    "Democrat Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States on Tuesday, making history by becoming the first African American to win the post and completing a stunningly rapid rise to power." - quoted from

    Even a black can be the white dominated country's president. This is what I called PEOPLE POWER and Democracy!!!

    Nothing much to say about this....The only thing I would like to say is:

    WAKE UP LAH BARISAN!!!!!!!!!!

    or should be more sepcific deside just calling a general name - Barisan??

    Read this for more details: Obama - The 44th US President

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    A Letter To My Bros

    Dear Michael, Sean and Christopher

    It has been quite some times since the last time we met. How have you guys been? Hope you all are well. I am currently busy with my own stuff. Been doing great. I still go to gym after work, I think I am getting slimmer and healthier.

    Heard that you guys (beside Chris) just came back from Hatnyai. How was the trip? I am sure that was full of "joy" and "fun". I always wanted to follow you guy to Hatnyai as you know, but couldn't get permit and approval from the special one.

    Knowing that Chris has just finished renovating his new "nest", I am really happy for this great news!!! It was his dream to settle down in KL somewhere near to his bros during college. Dream finally came TRUE!!!! I will make sure my schedule is available for the house warming. No worries!!! In fact, I had already blocked my calender for this. =)

    That's all for now, I will make sure "I will write more letter to you guys"

    I MISS YOU ALL!!!!

    Yours Sincerely.
    Albert Yap

    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    5 Things To Do Before Death

    This post is actually inspired by a radio program/talk-topic this morning. It was about a book that written by someone which talked about the 100 things to do before the author pass away.

    After the author passed away(I can't remember how the author passed away, the DJ did mention but I didn't pay attention. Was concentrating on the traffic to find 'holes' to get to the fastest moving lane), someone did some finding and found that the author had actually did half (50) of them.

    I was so amazed and asked myself, what are the 100 things I want to do before I die? I've been thinking all the away during the jam (It was damn f**king jam these 2 days due to the stupid National Day rehearsal. Can't these stupid heads plan and do it outside the peak period, can they? DAMN!!!), and found that there are quite a number of things I want to do. But there are 5 MAIN THINGS which is a MUST!

    Here are my 5 Things To Do Before Death:
    1. Retire my parents and bring them to travel around the world while they can still walk.
    2. Spend as long time as possible with my dearest.
    3. Find a better guy (better than me) to replace me to take care of my dearest.
    4. Make sure my parents and dearest can live in a money-is-not-an-issue way after I am gone. (Buy big big insurance?)
    5. Make sure I will die in a peaceful way, without pain and without adding burden to my family.
    Mind to share yours?

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008


    Below is an article that worth a person like me reading.

    I didn't purposely look for it, but a friend of mine showed me as he wanted to me help him to translate a sentence into English. I couldn't hold myself to continue reading it after the first paragraph, and found it really worth a person like me reading it.

    Decided to share with you. You might like it as well, who knows?

    Article taken from






    Friday, August 22, 2008

    - RM0.15

    Me:"Wei, you 'grandpa' dropped RM0.15 fast go pump before he raises it again"

    Friend:"Diuuuuuu....I just pumped full this morning.....I lost a plate of Wantan Mee....F**k!!!"

    Me:"Hahahahahahaha.....I also just pumped early this week, with the capacity of my car's feul tank, I think I lost a plate of Wantan Mee double mee with extra Wantan and extra Char Siew + Teh Ais"


    Me:"Diuuuu....Why not drop RM0.50 ler....Then he sure win in Permatang Pauh mah...."

    Friend:"hahahaha...don't asked for too much la....drop is better than raise mah...."

    So fellow readers, what did you lose?

    Thursday, August 21, 2008


    It is time to consider AGAIN!!!!

    Just after 3 months...and I need to think, consider and judge again.....

    I hate it, but what to do, I choose it.

    Can any one show me some lights here??

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    八月十五日 - 晴

    昨天睡得非常差,原因是与某人有了一个非常讨论会。很多过去的画面不停的在脑中飞逝,难以入眠。我不停的问自己,“我还活在过去吗?”,“我已习惯了吗?”,“我有错吗?”, “我在责备自己吗?”,“我准备好了吗?”,“我怎么了?”


    Had a VERY SERIOUS discussion with the special one today,ended up with a no-goodnight-sleep. Mind was flying backward and forward in time. Lots of memory showed up in my mind, couldn't fall sleep at all. Keep asking myself, "Am I still live in the past?", "Am I too used to it?", "Am I wrong?", "AM I blaming myself?", "Am I ready for it?", "What's wrong with me?"

    Eventually, I crawled out from my bed, on my PC, login YouTube and watched the video below....

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Miss This???

    If you are around my age and you grew up in almost the same condition as me (typical Chinese and not rich family, the rich might be playing 小天才(Little Genius) video game instead of this.) , I am sure you played this and remember it.....



    I still remember when I was a child, I never "break" the game and never thought this game is easy. Wonder how would feel it with my current age? Can I break this game with my age now? or my level is still remain at 5-7 years old?

    So, this little "gadget" has now cut the Q of my long shopping list and all the way to the top. Anyone know where to buy or do you want to sell yours to me? Worst case if you are not willing to sell, call me out and let me put my fingers on it for a few hours...I buy you TGI Firday how??

    Here, hope this video below able to bring travel back to your childhood.....

    Friday, August 8, 2008


    Once in awhile I have to write something in Chinese, so that I won't forget I can write in Chinese (at least pinyin). For those who can't read Chinese...I am so Sorry :(

    朋友, 我有一个认识了15年的老朋友。 他的为人很好(第三音的好)玩,永远嘻嘻哈哈,蹦蹦跳跳,癫癫废废。虽然有时他满嘴污言,说话笔直,不大理会他人感受,但你和他在一起可以永远没有顾忌,完全不需理会人与人之间的戒心,你可以肯定他不会害你,不会出卖你。对着他,你可以很坦率,很赤裸。你需要帮忙他肯定会出手,可能帮不上什么大忙也没出百分之百的力,但肯定出之真心,不问回报。


    他:“喂,你回来啦? 为什么没来找我?”
    我:“OK, OK....不用死, 不用死”
    他:“OK 啊,你出来啊~~~出来啦~~~”
    我:“ -_-" ”

    他:“我不理啊。。。不要采 ‘高’ 你了。。。你不要再来找我!!!”
    我:“ -_-" ”

    怎么样?很可爱(buekkkk)吧? 无论如何还是一个不可多得的老兄弟。。。哦,我忘了告诉你,他是男的。。。。。哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。。


    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Goosebumps Night

    Yesterday night, I reached home after work - around 11:30PM. I was very tired and sleepy. Was climbing up the staircase (my room is on the second floor) with head facing down (you'll know what I mean if you used to climb up second floor after a tiring day). Once I reach the 'top', I saw a tiny cooked rice on the floor. I was thinking who had his/her dinner upstairs? In my heart was saying:" Brother is now working in Singapore, Mom sure won't do so as she doesn't allow us to do so. Then who else??? Must by Jimmy Yap!" Lately Jimmy has been learning how to use computer to go online and has been hijacking my computer very frequent. His favorite website is "Macau Jockey Club" and "The Hong Kong Jockey Club". For what? To get "tip si"(Tips, forecast or prediction) for one of his weekend entertainment in Sungai Besi. Ohhh yah...I haven't tell you who is Jimmy Yap right? But I bet you are able to guess....Yes, Jimmy Yap is Ablert Yap's father.

    OK OK....Getting out of topic already...Back to the topic now.

    After this logical investigation on who dropped the tiny rice, without second thought, my finger was moving towards this tiny little rice to pick it up and show to the lady in charge as an evidence to accuse Jimmy for eating upstairs. Just before my finger reached the tiny rice (approx. 1 CM from it), I shouted loudly inside me, "WAIT!!!! STOP!!! THE RICE IS MOVING!!!!!!! In less than 0.5sec, my hand bounced back and I moved nearer to see what the heck was that.

    And this is what I saw.....

    A closer look....

    Then I saw a second one crawling not far away from this. The next thing I did was searching for the third one, but couldn't find any. The WORST THING is, I saw another one this morning just about the same spot I found the first one yesterday night!!!!!!!

    Mom has been searching the second floor whole night, and I was searching again this morning. There is nothing...There is no weird or dead body smell...I don't even know where it comes from, probably the roof?? I might climb up the roof to check tonight if I found a forth one.

    Anyone know what on earth is this??!?!?!

    Hopefully I will not see a forth one tonight when I am home.....Scary shit!!!!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008


    This is the watch I've been wearing for years. All these times I was thinking this is just a normal chronograph watch that I can use it trace the elapse time of a moving object (e.g. 100M Sprinter, car, etc.) beside the main function of a watch.

    Only until few days ago a friend of mine asked me what is the meaning of Tachymeter that written on your watch? That time, I was like Tai Chi(太极) meter??!?! My watch plays Tai Chi?!?!

    Then he pointed to a small wording on the dial of my watch. Then:
    Me:"ohhhhh.....that thing ah....I tak tau worr...(I don't know)....wahahahaaha...."
    Friend:"Then why you wear buy it"
    Me:"It is a gift wor....and I never bother about that word, I was thinking it is just something to make your watch looks complicated and expensive, in fact it has no use one."
    Friend:"Do you think this brand of watch will need to use this kind of tactic to make the watch looks grand? There is sure an usage of the dial"

    Actually I did ask myself what is Tachymeter during the 1st day I got this watch, but I just didn't bother to go find out. So after hearing what my friend said, I have to agree with what he said. I and rushed home to google it. Finally, I've got the answer!!!

    I am not going to tell you what is the usage of it here in my blog as you can find it yourself online, else this post is just too long for reading. What I want to point out is, we should be more observant to all the things around you even some tiny little things. You might not think it is useful or worth your time to go find out at that time, but you also won't know this tiny little things might makes you look a little bid smarter than others and give you the dream job you are applying for....Think about it.....

    Can you see the small Tachymeter word and some scales beside the dial?

    Some Links to the usage of Tachymeter:
    Watch This!

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Little Hong Kong - Sandakan

    I was sent to Sandakan estate to have an side visit. This is my 1st time being alone in a stranger place for such a long time after 28 years of life....hehehehe....

    Woke up in the morning, went to office, has lunch alone, work till 5:30pm, went back hotel shower, had dinner alone, some time just had some biscuit in hotel, watch TV alone (I was so lucky because I had EURO 2008 accompanied me during the night!!!), then zzzzzzz.....

    The feeling was good to be alone some times. Maybe that was just 2 weeks, I might feel lonely if I've been there for more than this period....hehehehe...who knows?

    How about you? Have you been alone for a long period of time? Mind to share? and How do you feel on it?

    Here are some of the pictures I took. Hope you enjoy viewing~~

    Sandakan Airport

    Just Before I Landed

    The Peak of Mount. Kota Kianabalu!!!

    Close up

    Here was where I Spent most of my nights while I was in the office

    Entering the Estate

    The Oil Palm Estate

    The river is blocking our way

    Finding ways to cross the river

    Not only river, even King Cobra was trying to block us

    The workers said it tastes like chicken, but I didn't try

    The Harvester was Harvesting

    I tried, but FAILED!!!

    The Oil Mill

    The Banglo that I spent my 4 nights in the Estate (It is my big big big big boss house in the estate...hehehe...)

    Trying to do some photographic thingy with my tiny camera....ok or not?

    Sandakan new colleague, Fong Fong and I

    Look at the top left corner of these 2 screens, can you see the differences between Celcom and Maxis while you in the estate?

    Nice Sea View

    Sepilok - Where you go to visit Orang Utan

    They are so cute,

    Aren't they?

    It is time to show you some food I had:

    My first dinner - Penang fried Kuey Teow and Seafood Tomyam (Full with Seafood!!!)


    The best Egg Tart I ever had. The taste is REALLY GOOD!!!

    It is so soft until you can't even take it up with your fingers!!!

    Can anyone tell me the name of this big fish?

    Me and Mr. Lobster

    Living seafoods wait for your order~~

    The Infamous 东风螺 (sorry, I don't know the name in English) which they claimed you can only get it in Sandakan and Hong Kong.

    Looks weird but taste good

    Seafood Noddles

    Have you ever had Seafood Noodles that have Crab in it???

    Friday, June 6, 2008


    I think at least 95% of Malaysian Bloggers are blogging the current 40% petrol hikes and probably 100% of this 95% are damn angry, disappointed and pissed with our smart govt. Actually I didn't plan to write a second post on this stupid thing, I've got a life to live on. Anyway, I decided express a little bit more after reading a The Sun this morning.

    Looks like all our smart Ministers inherited the smart brain from our smart PM as they keep on asking us to change our lifestyle so that they can suck more money from our pocket!!! Below is a quote from The Sun. I will not mention who answered the Q, you go find out yourself. But who cares? Since all of them are at the same "Smart Level". Will you care which fly shitted on your food among the 20 of them flying around?? I think don't f**king care as I will just get an insecticide a kill all of them.

    Q: How will the new subsidy structure affect a typical average family in terms of expenditure?
    A: ....bla bla bla.....It simply means that there will have to be changes in lifestyles......The families will have to start to plan trips carefully, think about it and learn how to budget it. This is part of being a citizen.

    Shut the F**K UP will you. Pls stop asking us to change our lifestyles!!! We deserve a better lifestyle, we elected you all smart ppl to hope you can provide us a better lifestyle, not asking to to change it to a worst one to suit you "desire". What do you expect us to change? Back to your grand grand grand mama time, ride cow and eat potato??? Aren't you say we are a fast developing country? If so, aren't we should be moving forward to have a better lifestyle?

    If you are comparing the petrol price with Singapore, pls also compare their lifestyle, public facilities, public security and govt integrity. What have you achieved in any of this? Why not you compare the petrol price of other oil and gas producing countries???!?!?!?! Pls see the picture below.

    Bro Michael, hope you don't mind I hijack the facts from your blog below (hehehe...):

    Fellow bloggers, I am sure there will be chain reaction in the coming months. You will need to do something on it, so do I.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

    Thursday, June 5, 2008













    RM 2.70!!!!!!!

    What else I can do?

    1. I am riding bicycle to work today. Will do the same in the future.

    2. Bought 3 breads that cost me RM4.70 yesterdat for my today breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    3. Only drink plain water and only drink office Milo....

    So, mind to tell what is your plan or strategy??

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    WPOSE 2008

    What the hell is WPOSE 2008??? Is is called World Palm Oil Summit & Exhibition 2008. This was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia. It is a summit conference and exhibition for Oil Palm industry. You can see all the Oil Palm giant from all over the world. The are all damn huge and rich company....

    I was sent to attend this exhibition with my Sales Manager Terence Yap to promote our product called Plantware and Millware, a Plantation Management Software. The funniest thing is, I was just 3 days old to the company when I was in this exhibition. Hence, I know nuts and was like a vase there....hahaha...not only ladies can become a vase.....hahahaha....

    After seeing all those huge and rich company, if I would ask to start my own business, I WOULD DEFINITELY GO PLANTATION!!! ESPECIALLY OIL PALM!!!!

    Here are some picture we took: