Monday, March 31, 2008

Jay Chow -《彩虹》.....Errrrrr....Maybe Not

It is called 蜡笔小新版《彩虹》 "Crayon Xin's Version of《彩虹》

This is just sooooo cute.......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

See The Difference You Can Make 8PM March 29 2008

Watch the video, and if you are interested, click the link below the video for details.

Earth Hour

On 31st March 2007 Sydney claimed that they are the greatest contributor to global warming by turning off its lights for an hour. Over 2.2 million Sydney residents and over 2,100 businesses switched off, leading to a 10.2% energy reduction across the city.

This 29th March 2008, 8PM (Local Time), Earth Hour decided to repeat the same move. But this time is not only on Sydney, it goes globally. BUT the most important is 29th March is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Wahahahahaha......

Below are some of the cities involved:
Aalborg » Aarhus » Adelaide » Atlanta » Bangkok » Brisbane » Canberra » Chicago » Christchurch » Copenhagen » Dublin » Manila » Melbourne » Montreal » Odense » Ottawa » Perth » Phoenix » San Francisco » Suva and Lautoka » Sydney » Tel Aviv » Toronto » Vancouver »

Sorry, Malaysia is not involved....Since this is an event which will held on local time and Malaysia is not involved, will you still do it? Oh yah, there is a counter on the website which counting how much time left to 29th Marh 8PM, perhaps we can follow that time since no party, organization or individual is going to chair this event.....hehehehe.....

So how much do you believe on this switching off the lights for an hour would help the global warming issue? I've read some comments on the above video on youtube. Some are quite supportive and some are not, below are some comments I quoted from there:

quoted from Acacyn:
"pure nonesense, there were always climate changes in the history of earth... yes! even without humans! this is just propaganda crap "

quoted from nabiul2:
"In a few billion years the sun will become so large that life will not be able to exist on earth. We need to worry more about getting off this rock before that happens, not trying to save it. THINK OF ALL THE FUTURE CHILDREN AND BUNNIES AND KITTENS THAT WILL DIE, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN, BELIEVE IN SOMETHING AND GO DO IT! *rolls eyes*I'm pretty sure terrorists believe in what they're doing. "

quoted from 39325dlee:
"i can't leave my computer alone for a whole hour. It will miss me, be mad and start freezing again. "

One might ask will I switch off my lights? hehehehe....I can't tell now, if you know where I live, pass by my house on 29th March 2008 8PM to see am I still watching Astro with my parents.....hmmmm....since 29th March is my big day....most probably I will not at home......hahahahaha.....Lets wait and SEE.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


On 15th March 2008, I gave my "first time" to NPNG Sports Centre located in Sungai Buloh. Wanted to give my "first time" long ago, but couldn't find the right partners, right timing and right location. However, FINALLY!!!!!

Here below are some pictures of my "first time"....Enjoy~~~~

Just reached

Our "Coach"

Briefing - 99% of us are first time.

Getting Ready!!!!

We Are Ready!!!

We Too Are Ready!!!

Hold on...I am not ready yet. Take a picture first~~

I Want!!! I Want!!! I want to take also~~

Final discussion on our strategy

Ready for BATTLE!!!

HEY You!!! Cover that area!!!


Stop hiding you coward!! SHOOT!!!!!

Game Over~~

The ladies after the game

See you all next time~~~

Lunch after the game at Kepong

Paintball?? NO!!! It should call PAIN-BALL!!!!

This is so pain...But wait!! Look at my tummy...I need to start my DIET Plan!!!!



Kim Hong...Sorry Bro, I didn't purposely aim your nipple~

Another wound of mine...There are still other parts which I don't think is appropriate to show on public...Call me if you want to see it....hehehe...

Added by Denise...Denise:"Very Pain~~"

Monday, March 3, 2008

Warkah Untuk PM

I am sure you all read this advertisement on the major newspaper. Anyone really wrote something to our dear Pak Lah?

I am so curious. If you are really going to write something to him, What are you going to ask? and What is the answer you expecting?

For me, I would like to ask:

1) How is Lingam case? Any update? When gonna settle? or this is going to be forever until we all forget about it?

2) How is Altantuya case? Bila case close? hampir 3 bulan dah.....

3) About the Yatch in Turkey and how is your banglo? Are these real or rumors?

Or you dare not to send any thing to our Pakcik as you afraid you might end up behind the bars under ISA??