Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Hong Kong - Sandakan

I was sent to Sandakan estate to have an side visit. This is my 1st time being alone in a stranger place for such a long time after 28 years of life....hehehehe....

Woke up in the morning, went to office, has lunch alone, work till 5:30pm, went back hotel shower, had dinner alone, some time just had some biscuit in hotel, watch TV alone (I was so lucky because I had EURO 2008 accompanied me during the night!!!), then zzzzzzz.....

The feeling was good to be alone some times. Maybe that was just 2 weeks, I might feel lonely if I've been there for more than this period....hehehehe...who knows?

How about you? Have you been alone for a long period of time? Mind to share? and How do you feel on it?

Here are some of the pictures I took. Hope you enjoy viewing~~

Sandakan Airport

Just Before I Landed

The Peak of Mount. Kota Kianabalu!!!

Close up

Here was where I Spent most of my nights while I was in the office

Entering the Estate

The Oil Palm Estate

The river is blocking our way

Finding ways to cross the river

Not only river, even King Cobra was trying to block us

The workers said it tastes like chicken, but I didn't try

The Harvester was Harvesting

I tried, but FAILED!!!

The Oil Mill

The Banglo that I spent my 4 nights in the Estate (It is my big big big big boss house in the estate...hehehe...)

Trying to do some photographic thingy with my tiny camera....ok or not?

Sandakan new colleague, Fong Fong and I

Look at the top left corner of these 2 screens, can you see the differences between Celcom and Maxis while you in the estate?

Nice Sea View

Sepilok - Where you go to visit Orang Utan

They are so cute,

Aren't they?

It is time to show you some food I had:

My first dinner - Penang fried Kuey Teow and Seafood Tomyam (Full with Seafood!!!)


The best Egg Tart I ever had. The taste is REALLY GOOD!!!

It is so soft until you can't even take it up with your fingers!!!

Can anyone tell me the name of this big fish?

Me and Mr. Lobster

Living seafoods wait for your order~~

The Infamous 东风螺 (sorry, I don't know the name in English) which they claimed you can only get it in Sandakan and Hong Kong.

Looks weird but taste good

Seafood Noddles

Have you ever had Seafood Noodles that have Crab in it???

Friday, June 6, 2008


I think at least 95% of Malaysian Bloggers are blogging the current 40% petrol hikes and probably 100% of this 95% are damn angry, disappointed and pissed with our smart govt. Actually I didn't plan to write a second post on this stupid thing, I've got a life to live on. Anyway, I decided express a little bit more after reading a The Sun this morning.

Looks like all our smart Ministers inherited the smart brain from our smart PM as they keep on asking us to change our lifestyle so that they can suck more money from our pocket!!! Below is a quote from The Sun. I will not mention who answered the Q, you go find out yourself. But who cares? Since all of them are at the same "Smart Level". Will you care which fly shitted on your food among the 20 of them flying around?? I think don't f**king care as I will just get an insecticide a kill all of them.

Q: How will the new subsidy structure affect a typical average family in terms of expenditure?
A: ....bla bla bla.....It simply means that there will have to be changes in lifestyles......The families will have to start to plan trips carefully, think about it and learn how to budget it. This is part of being a citizen.

Shut the F**K UP will you. Pls stop asking us to change our lifestyles!!! We deserve a better lifestyle, we elected you all smart ppl to hope you can provide us a better lifestyle, not asking to to change it to a worst one to suit you "desire". What do you expect us to change? Back to your grand grand grand mama time, ride cow and eat potato??? Aren't you say we are a fast developing country? If so, aren't we should be moving forward to have a better lifestyle?

If you are comparing the petrol price with Singapore, pls also compare their lifestyle, public facilities, public security and govt integrity. What have you achieved in any of this? Why not you compare the petrol price of other oil and gas producing countries???!?!?!?! Pls see the picture below.

Bro Michael, hope you don't mind I hijack the facts from your blog below (hehehe...):

Fellow bloggers, I am sure there will be chain reaction in the coming months. You will need to do something on it, so do I.


Thursday, June 5, 2008













RM 2.70!!!!!!!

What else I can do?

1. I am riding bicycle to work today. Will do the same in the future.

2. Bought 3 breads that cost me RM4.70 yesterdat for my today breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Only drink plain water and only drink office Milo....

So, mind to tell what is your plan or strategy??

Monday, June 2, 2008

WPOSE 2008

What the hell is WPOSE 2008??? Is is called World Palm Oil Summit & Exhibition 2008. This was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia. It is a summit conference and exhibition for Oil Palm industry. You can see all the Oil Palm giant from all over the world. The are all damn huge and rich company....

I was sent to attend this exhibition with my Sales Manager Terence Yap to promote our product called Plantware and Millware, a Plantation Management Software. The funniest thing is, I was just 3 days old to the company when I was in this exhibition. Hence, I know nuts and was like a vase there....hahaha...not only ladies can become a vase.....hahahaha....

After seeing all those huge and rich company, if I would ask to start my own business, I WOULD DEFINITELY GO PLANTATION!!! ESPECIALLY OIL PALM!!!!

Here are some picture we took: