Friday, April 27, 2007

What On Earth Is This !!??!?!?!!?

I really have no idea what on Earth is the. Anyone been to Russia or going to visit Russia. Please don't miss this spot and take some picture for me.....

No wonder the Earth is sick so badly...imagine someone dig a hole like that on you body.....buekkk!!!

Huge open pit mine near Mirny, Russia, East Siberia
525 m deep, 1200 meters in diameter. The air zone within this mine is closed for helicopters - a few accidents occurred when they were "sucked in" by downward air flow...

Track dimensions are:Length 13,360 mm, Width 7,780 mm, Height 6,650 mm

What is a Open Pit Mine?
Ans from Wikipedia : Open-pit mining, or opencast mining, refers to a method of extracting rock or minerals from the earth by their removal from an open pit or borrow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

RM800 Salary ONLY!!!


I only got RM800++ for my salary this month!!!!!!

A simple kindergarden calculation which I counted whole day long where I was trying to find will there be any chances I've made a small error so that I can have RM1 more:
RM400++ ---> House Loan
RM130 ---> Car Park
RM200 ---> 2 Credit Cards Minimun Payment
(included my Maxis Bill coz I pay by credit card)
RM70 ---> LDP RM1.60 Tol

400+130+200+70 = RM800!!!!!

That's all....YEAH!!!!!

What am I going to eat this month?
Ans: West North Wind (西北风)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Must See Must See

You've got to see this video!!!!

I Trusted You

I TRUSTED you...but pls see what you did to me?

Lesson learnt : Never trust anyone...even a 15 years old friend....only turst myself

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What another GREAT video from our famous Muar Friend

Respect you my friend from Muar....although I am a KL boy......but....u did a very good song!!! Regradless the lyrics, whole song is very nice and well composed....

Friday, April 6, 2007


xxx (10:28 AM) - albert
Albert (10:28 AM) - yes
xxx (10:28 AM) - i want to find a gf
xxx (10:28 AM) - very sien already
Albert (10:28 AM) - hahahaha
Albert (10:28 AM) - go find la
xxx (10:28 AM) - single life sometime not good one
xxx (10:28 AM) - so you don't envy me
Albert (10:28 AM) - hahaha
Albert (10:29 AM) - y suddenly got this feel?
xxx (10:30 AM) - donno
xxx (10:30 AM) - maybe i ate the 冷冷的饭 。。that i bought at jusco
xxx (10:32 AM) - i feel very lonely when ate the 冷冷的饭...
xxx (10:32 AM) - hear this name also beh tahan already
Albert (10:33 AM) - hahaha
Albert (10:33 AM) - poor one
Albert (10:33 AM) - then go find one la
xxx (10:33 AM) - hard to find
xxx (10:33 AM) - found also very hard to maintain one..
Albert (10:34 AM) - find one u really love one lor

[tikk takk tikk takk...time flies~~~]

xxx (3:50 PM) - albert
Albert (3:50 PM) - yes
xxx (3:51 PM) - i ate 冷冷的饭。。。[I was like...Déjà vu ??!?!]
xxx (3:51 PM) - in my room
xxx (3:51 PM) - make me feel sad
Albert (3:51 PM) - hahaha
Albert (3:51 PM) - !#%$*)!*&)@@^$!!
Albert (3:51 PM) - go see my blog

*Don't worry Ah Liang, I won't tell people that xxx is you...even is they use a knife to force me to tell....We are brother mah....

Old Song

Was 'cleaning' my ThinkPad (laptop) today in office. Deleted quite a number of old, never listen and duplicate MP3s.

When I came into a folder named "郭富城-Aaron Kwok"....I saw a long list of songs. Was trying to find any duplicates (will never delete any song from this folder as I like all the song s inside very much...hehehe) and delete it....luckily there is no duplicate.....

BUT, I saw a song I like very very very very much many years ago....This was my favorite song last time (even now still like it a lot)...and it has been yearssss since the last time I listen to this song....decided to play this in my Windows Media Player....and.......Sigh~~~~~~memories is all around my mind.....acting 'taikor' in school, went FRIM take pictures and 'play water', etc......

I wish I am still in Form 3 or Form 4.....

Sorry if you can't read chinese....