Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"I'm A Creep....I'm A weirdo.....What The Hell Am I Doing Here.....I Don't Belong Here.....I Don't Belong Here......"

Some might know what song is this and some might not know....depends how old you are....hehehehehe.....

This is a song called "Creep" by Radiohead. I do not really like this song when I first heard it in.....hmmm....around 1993. However, after 15 years, this song is the first and last song of my Windows Media Player playlist named My Favorite.

One might ask why you so outdated one? Now only listen to this song....Yes, I am so outdated, because I do not really like and do not really 'understand' the meaning of the lyrics (especailly the one above) when I was 13 years old. Now, I am 27 (not yet 28 la....haven't reach birthday....once again, my birthday is on 29th March. You read this ok? I do not need a house or a car for brithday, just an iPhone or Thinkpad will do...wahahahaha.....), with all the experiences I had for the pass 13 years, especailly the experience I had recently, what I can say now is...I LOVE CREEP!!! Because I DON"T Belong Here!!!

Here, enjoy the MV ==>

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Josh Email Me!!!


I think most of the Advertlets users got the same email from our CEO. Although I am not a famous blogger and I really never thought of earning a single cent from these advertising website. But after reading the email, I decide not to step my foot once again into this pool of mud.

I am not anti-advertlets here, just like what I mentioned, I am not expecting earning, I just don't want the same thing (being directed to another website) happens to my blog. If Nuffnang have the same problem, I will do the same to Nuffnang.....

So, what is your decision?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Blog Dead For 12 Hours...(Maybe More)

My blog was dead for 12 hours...maybe more....

All thanks to Advertlets and myself.

I placed a few Advertlets advertising boxes in my blog since the day I start this site. I didn't expect any payment or earning from them (even nuffnang). I install this advertising boxes on my blog is just tomake my blog looks "professional" a little bit and looks famous and active a little bit....hehehe....you know what I mean right....

However, Advertlets is bankrupted. and I didn't kow this until yesterday.

THANK YOU SO mikemmery!!!!!!. As per my best buddy Michael Song from mikemmery, He mentioned that some times ago in his blog, but I didn't read it. This resulted my blog dead for 12 hours or more....

He called me yesterday and told me he can't access to my blog, it keeps direct him to another website. He asked if I still have some Advertlets boxes in my blog, if yes, I need to remove them in order to get back my blog. Without any delay, I login and removed all the STUPID Advertlets boxes.....and....Tahh dahhh.....here you are, Things Change is BACK!!!!

Once again...Thank you MIC!!!!