Friday, August 24, 2007

Bye Bye......

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TAK NAK !!!!

I am gonna leave you behind !!!!

I need to run faster, you are too slow !!!!

I need to move smoothly, you are too unstable !!!!

I am gonna move forward with Mr. Max or Mr. Cel !!!!

You'll have you own sweet time to stay at the old day with you old way of doing things !!!!

I've had enough of you !!!!

p/s : I used 10mins to upload this f*cking image that sized 9.92kb ONLY!!!!! Why?? Coz the f*cking line keep on dropping, and the f*cking connection is slower than 36.6K dial-up modem!!!!!


Have been reading a few blogs but didn't see anyone blog about this new baby from Proton. Hmmmm...Maybe ppl don't see this new baby worth a post. But, I think this baby really worth to "hijack" some space of my blog.

Still remember this sooooo secretive advertisement a few weeks back? I admit, this ad did catch my attention and make me purposely went to the showroom to ask the salesman about it.

Me:"Bang, kereta baru ke?" (bro, new car?)
Sales:"Yah...errrr...boleh kata bukan juga." (yes...errrr...can consider no as well)
Me:" ???? Mengapa ???" (??? Why ???)
Sales:"Sama macam Gen 2, hanya ini ada buntut." (Same as Gen 2, but this with butt)
Me:"hmmmm......u pernah tengok kereta benar? cantik tak?" (have u seen the real car? nice?)
Sales:"u bayang la....Gen 2 tapi belakang panjang sikit." (u imagine, Gen 2 but with a longer back)
Me:"errrrrr.....ok.....I tunggu 15th la." (errrrr...ok....I'll wait till 15th) -the launch date was 15th Aug.

Ok....I totally forgot about 15th Aug until I saw a picture of Gen 2 in the 1st page of Sin Chew Jit Pou (Sin Chew newspaper) on the 16th.


If you read how Proton talked bout this new baby of them. They said this is a brand new baby which is a brand new design starts from sketch. They even show us some of the sketches of the car before they decided which to use.

But after I saw the real car....was so surprised....You call this brand new design? They way you advertise and describe this new baby is like this is a brand new design or model....but.....

Neo or Pesona or Gen 2?

Pesona or Gen 2 or Noe? Gen 2 or Neo or Pesona?

I shouldn't be so surprised, should I? YES...I think I shouldn't....why?? Look at the picture below:

Can you differentiate which is Wira and which is Satria?

quote from Wikipedia
"The Wira was introduced in 1993 as a 4-door saloon and was based on the 1992 Mitsubishi Lancer design, but the styling was slightly modified to distinguish it from the Lancer."

So, I shouldn't be so surprised and be prepared to see this design for the next 14 least....

- Are you ready for the new face lift of Gen 2, Pesona, Neo?
- Are you ready for the Brand New Gen 2 Aero, Brand New Pesona with Bodykit, Brand New Neo Enhance?
- Are you ready for Gen 2 SE, Pesona Executive, Satria Neo GTI?

Not yet???

Then please be prepared !!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Stop Acting Will Ya??

YES, you live in "high-class" residential area...Bangsar? PJ? Mont.Kiara? Bukit Tunku?

YES, your house is a banglo or Semi-D which cost millions

YES, you have a S500, 740i, Alphard, Range Rover 4.6, Hummer h2 or even a F360 parking at you garage.

BUT please act like a human, please be considerate.....even on tiny things like how do you park your million-dollars baby....

Please STOP ACTING high class by driving an imported BMW or Benz, carrying a GOD knows authentic LV handbag, wearing a GOD knows genuine Salvatore Ferragamo shirt, talking on a O2 xda Flame (which I doubt you know how to use the functions it has beside making and receiving calls, even sms) and speaking English (mostly broken) with the 阿嬷(granny) who selling Tau Fu Far in Pasar....

You are still a Malaysian...We are still the same.

p/s: Please don't flame me if you are living at those housing areas I mentioned above. I am just giving examples.....IF you feel like shooting or flaming me for this, I am sure you are one of those ACTORS!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My New Record

After 99999 times of trying....Finally~~~~hehehehehehehe.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How Far You Can Fly?

Feel boring sitting in office?

Why not try this mini game and see how far you can fly :

I've wasted my whole day yesterday to play this game....hahahahaha...don't tell my boss please....

And, the furthest I can go is

There is a friend of mine who reached 102M !!!!!!

She is crazy......Crazy Tammy Wong.....

Please let me know if you are able to break her record. Must show screenshot worrr......hehehehehe.... :p

p/s: The owner of this blog will not responsible for anything happend to you before or during or after you played this game. :p

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

When Was your Last Visit?

Don't know what's wrong with me last weekend. Pass by Jalan Parlimen (Hope I got the right road name) and decided to pay this place a visit. hmmmmm....when was my last visit? I was told by my buddy Rim, that was during our Remove Class, which was......15 years back....1992!!!!

But I do not have that memory at all....hehehehehe.....

OK.....So where was I last Sunday?

Yeah, I went to TUGU PERINGATAN NEGARA MALAYSIA (National Monument)
It has been 15 years during my last step into this place.....*touch~(hahahaha)

The Entrance. A typical Islamic "style" of entrance, look very nice from far.

The first thing you will see is this "tower" tomb. I do not know what is the exact name for this tomb. There are 4 sides of bronze plates with some warriors name engraved on it. I can't remember the names...sorry~~But I remember there are a few British names.

YEAH!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!! TUGU PERINGATAN NEGARA!!! Looks very dignified to me. I can't imagine how was the life like during the time where wars and fights are all around the country. But one thing for sure, the life was 10000 times worst than us now (ask you grand parents).
Salute all the warriors who fight for my beloved country - MALAYSIA !!!

"Dedicated To The Heroic Fighters In The Cause Of Peace And Freedom"

"May The Blessing Of ALLAH Be Upon Them"

~R. I. P.~

A further view. It is surrounded by a very beautiful water fountain.

It is time to say Good Bye.....See you in the next......15 years maybe???

p/s: Oh Yah.....For those who plan to visit this place, please take note on the Waktu Melaway (Visiting Hours). I wasn't notice this until I heard a sound of whistle during my half way taking photos with my Nokia 6300 and saw a smart guy with smart security costume chasing us out from the monument.

Thursday, August 2, 2007



Sometimes, even I can't understand myself.

Do you really understand yourself?
Do you know what exactly you want?

So, Please don't think you understand the others very well. Please understand yourself first!

Thank you.

p/s: Sorry if you can't read Chinese :( ...... Try go Babel Fish for translation.