Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Car Hijack

I've been asked a lot to blog about a recent car hijack that happened not on others but MYSELF.

However, I really don't feel like talking this much as the incident is still haunting me. But, to let the society be more alert and caution on what is happening around you, I decided to blog briefly on what happened.

31s May 2007 - 10PM, I was driving my beloved 8th Generation Honda Civic on Federal Highway heading PJ/Subang. When I was driving slowly in front of RTM (or Angkasapuri...don't really know the name) an stock Honda Accord knocked me from the back. I signal this car to stop aside but he refused. He over took me and drive toward Kerinchi Link flyover. I followed. He stopped aside once he was on the flyover. I came down from my car just after I saw a gentleman looking indian guy(with "quite formal" attire) came down from the brand new Honda Accord. The 1st thing I did is just like anyone who got knock form the back, I went to see my rear bumper 1st. Once I turned back, a big knife was pointing at my stomach. That Son of a B*itch asked me to "Tepi!! Tepi!!". I can't do anything as the knife is so near to me but to stand aside. Another Kancil came from the back at the same time. Another indian guy came out from the Kancil and rushed into my passenger seat meanwhile the 1st Son of a B*tch rushed into the driver seat and fled.

This is briefly what happended to me. So guys and girls, be more alert on the road next time. Especailly get knocked from the back. Don't get down from the car, take down the car number and drive to the nearest police station to make a report, even if the car is a Benz, BMW or Ferrari.....EVEN if the driver is a female, you will never know what animal is hiding inside the car or what animal is following her.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Dead of Superman

...Superman No More...

Superman is dead....8th Gen Civic is dead along with his master....