Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 Things To Do Before Death

This post is actually inspired by a radio program/talk-topic this morning. It was about a book that written by someone which talked about the 100 things to do before the author pass away.

After the author passed away(I can't remember how the author passed away, the DJ did mention but I didn't pay attention. Was concentrating on the traffic to find 'holes' to get to the fastest moving lane), someone did some finding and found that the author had actually did half (50) of them.

I was so amazed and asked myself, what are the 100 things I want to do before I die? I've been thinking all the away during the jam (It was damn f**king jam these 2 days due to the stupid National Day rehearsal. Can't these stupid heads plan and do it outside the peak period, can they? DAMN!!!), and found that there are quite a number of things I want to do. But there are 5 MAIN THINGS which is a MUST!

Here are my 5 Things To Do Before Death:
  1. Retire my parents and bring them to travel around the world while they can still walk.
  2. Spend as long time as possible with my dearest.
  3. Find a better guy (better than me) to replace me to take care of my dearest.
  4. Make sure my parents and dearest can live in a money-is-not-an-issue way after I am gone. (Buy big big insurance?)
  5. Make sure I will die in a peaceful way, without pain and without adding burden to my family.
Mind to share yours?


Jacob said...

Think ur topic this time too heavy la...

Michael Song said...

the 5 things...

1. Have sex
2. Have hot sex
3. Have hot & steamy sex
4. Have hot, steamy & wet sex
5. Repeat the above 4 things...

蓝双子 said...
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蓝双子 said...

that 5 things really a must... but i will add 1 more for the 6th: spend all the money i earned

Bernard said...

蓝双子, i spent all my money every month..sigh

kEllyz said...

bern, good la.. jz in case dai kat lai si, you've done the 6th must do thing..