Monday, February 18, 2008

Coming Election - Bluring Me

This is my first year to carry out my responsibility as a Malaysian. I am going to vote for the first time!!!!

But, something is making me blur and have no idea at all why it is like this. I've just checked online, I was assigned to:

State Assemblies : 107 / 38 - PAYA JARAS
Parliamentary: 107 - SUBANG

The problem is, I stay in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. My birth cert, IC all with Kepong address. I even registered with Kepong address. But I have no idea why I am assigned to those places. I think I only go to Subang when I go shopping in Sunway Pyramid, beside that I rarely stepped my foot into Subang!!!!

This is still ok as at least I know where is Suabg. But The problem is, where the is Paya Jaras?!?!?!?!?! This is the 1st time in my 28 years of life hearing this place....

OK...Since this is my first time, can anyone tell me where is this Paya Jeras and why am I assigned to places that I don't know at all? Is there a format or pattern or whatever when they assigned us?

I am so curious.......


zewt said...

this is just so damn mother fucking fucked up... the reason why BN will definitely win again.

bro, you should get this sorted out ASAP!

Albert Yap said...

Thanks bro...but like what I said, this is my 1st time...have no idea how to sort this out? don't even know which door to knock....sad case....

zewt said...

drop by blogs by nathaniel or jeff ooi or lim kit siang and leave a comment. u can also send a mail to malaysia today website?

i have made your case known in my blog.

myop101 said...

Dear Albert,

This is my first time reading your blog (was referred to from zewt blog).

Even though they assign you to these faraway places, chances are the polling centre may be near your house. In my case my polling centre is:


Sorry ya. Don't want to disclose my location. Anyway, this is the other website:

another alternative is to ask your neighbours whether they are also voting for the same state and parliament constituency. This will just strengthen your case when you decide to file your complaints to DAP and SPR.

Lucius Maximus said...

paya jaras is in the mukim of sungai buloh, its close enough to the town of sungai buloh and fall under majlis bandaraya shah alam administration as its local council.

if i am not mistaken each parliamentary constituency consist of 2 state constituencies. paya jaras is under the subang parliament constituency, thats true, but how the hell a kepong lad like u end up under subang, thats mysterious indeed.

perhaps ur house is somewhere between sungai buloh and kepong? and those spr lads decided its closer to sungai buloh?

Josh said...

Lucius has a point.
Even though we all hv a distrust of the current SPR, it would be good to check the map first and the SPR. You see even though u think u r in Kepong, Subang as a district in the SPR map may cover edges of Kepong. Subang is not just Subang Jaya. Subang extends to the north covering the old airport also..

Do a check.

Albert Yap said...

zewt - Thanks for your suggestion mate. Will do something on this :D

myop101 - Yes, I did the check on that website. I checked for one of my friend who lives near to me and also the first time, and she is assigned to those areas as well.

Lucius Maximus - Thank you so much for the infor. I've checked on Google Map, and found that Paya Jaras is somewhere near Sungai Buloh. Like what I mentioned to myop101 above, I think what you said might be true - "perhaps ur house is somewhere between sungai buloh and kepong?"

frostee said...

I think you need to call SPR and tell them about this.

The very fact that Kepong is an opposition area, some 'unseen' hands are moving Kepong folks out of the opposition stronghold to allow BN retake the area.

Like zewts advise... get it sorted soon.

Theodwyn said...

Same thing happened to me. In my case, I registered with SPR in September. When the information for my constituency came out around january, I was thrown to Kampung Tunku. Not as far or as strange a place as yours, but nevertheles, not the same constituency with my parents, who i'm staying with and share my address. I emailed the SPR help line, and they emailed me back a few times. It ding and dong a little, and then they asked for my parents' IC numbers. It stopped there as by that time, I figured it was too close to the electing, and also I thought.. no matter where they throw me, I'm not going to vote BN anyway... so.. in the end it all boils down to WTF...

I spoke to my dad, and some friends and relatives, and I've heard of a few other cases, where young people registered to vote and got thrown somewhere different.

Albert Yap said...

Theodwyn - Since you are saying you are not going to vote for BN anyway. What if the parties competing for that particular seat are only BN and PAS? e.g. DAP doesn't competing some seats in Kedah (as I was told by my Kedah friend), there are only BN and PAS (maybe others). Will you rather simply vote for the others or void the vote?

My thinking on such situation is, as a Chinese (if you are a Chinese), we normally will void the vote or no choice but to vote for BN. So, BN is still in the better position then others. Coz, is either they get your vote, or non of the party getting it.

Ko-chi Wai said...

albert, constituencies DO NOT correlate to geographical zoning of addresses and townships. thus even though you are staying in kepong, your address might be in a constituency which is different to the Kepong parliamentary constituency.

also, if between BN and PAS, it is still PAS. it's time the chinese remove the irrational fear of PAS which has been manufactured by the persistent demonization of PAS by the mainstream media. if u want to fear Islamization, who was in power? Umno isn't it? and when did it become more and more acute? in the last 2-3 years isn't it? read this letter from a Kelantan Chinese:

and decide for yourself if the chinese fear of PAS is more of a deception than reality. considering the number of seats they're contesting in all elections thus far, including this one, even if they won ALL their seats (which is impossible), they would still not be enough to form a federal govt on their own without PKR or DAP. and u can bet your money's worth that DAP, and most of PKR, will never agree to PAS' insistence on amending the constitution. heck, even PAS have not talked about the islamic state for years since 2004.

now is not the time to talk abt another gahmen coming in. the first step and only goal now is to put as many opposition members into parliament and the state assemblies. denying BN 2/3 is a big bonus. stop worrying about something which is not an issue.

Albert Yap said...

Ko-chi Wai - I totally agree with what you said above, especially the last paragraph.It is really not the time to say a new gov is coming in or what. We should put as many opposition in the parliament as possible to avoid someone getting over-powered.

I not telling you guys who to decide yourself....

Diane said...

Albert, I agree with Ko-chi Wai. Constituencies do not correlate to geographical zoning of addresses and townships.

I am personally from Kepong as well. Well I live in Sri Damansara to be exact and my parents' ( I am five months away from being eligible to vote!) constituencies are also in Paya Jaras, which is near Sg Buloh.

At first we were puzzled too and thought it's a dirty tactic done by BN but later we found out that those who registered to vote using the Sri Damansara add were under Paya Jaras, including my aunt who lives in Wangsa Permai.

So I don't think it's a mistake.

myop101 said...

Dear Albert,

No worries...:)

Another thing you can check is whether your address is Selangor or Wilayah Persekutuan.

The law provides the delinating of constituency in such a way that if your address is in Selangor, while your neighbour is in KL, you will be placed under Selangor. It doesn't permit them to extend the state boundaries to infringe on other state or federal territories.

This will help your case when you file it to the SPR....:)

Theodwyn said...

Hello again

I'm following this comment thread cause its relevant to my situation as well.

Albert, if it was any other election, I probably wouldn't vote PAS. But this year, I think it is necessary. I believe that BN control enough of the election officials, and have enough tricks in their sleeves that they will not loose the election. What we need is a strong opposition, whether in the form of PKR, PAS or DAP, an opposition is still an opposition. We need to send a message to BN, and if we don't vote the alternative, how are we going to do that?

Diane, it may be that Albert's case may not have been a mistake. But it would be wrong to assume that the SEC do not make any mistakes at all. Even by talking to colleagues and relatives (not all that many people, 30 or so?) there are at least 5 people I know who registered in he past 10 years, who lives at the same address as their parents, who have been 'thrown' to a constituency not the same as their parents.

How can this be? Logic dictates that if I register at the same address as my parents, I should be voting in the same constituency.

My father says all this is from some form of social profiling. Let me use myself as an example. I am young, educated, chinese. It is likely that I will vote opposition. So, when I register, they throw me to a constituency where BN normally gets 75% of the vote, so it doesn't matter what my vote is, they can put up 5% more people in that constituency who will vote opposition, and BN will still win. On the other hand, if they put me in my area, where its always a close fight, my vote may help sway the vote to the opposition.

The BN has many tricks... throwing new voters to 'stable' constituencies is only one of them.

Albert Yap said...

diane - Thanks for this infor. I thin what Ko-chi Wai maybe be correct.

myop10 - Thanks so much for you kind help. :D

Albert Yap said...

theodwyn - Understand what you mean here. I think it is really the time that we need a strong opposition.