Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First Time

I've been thinking all the time that this is an old man game, to be more specific, a rich old man game. Never thought of playing it at my age and with this kind of salary (sighhhh...).

However, a brother of mine was influenced by his colleague or friend, by the end influenced me and a few buddies. I have to admit that this game is kinda interesting and addictive, I think I am quite into it now after my first time. And the best thing, it is not expensive at all (RM10 for 100 balls!) if you are not planning to go into the green (even play in the green is not really too expensive though). But those "sticks" might cost you a bomb. Anyway, I am using my friend's "sticks" and plan to keep on least until I think my skill is worth to own a Club Set.

You probably know what game I am saying, if you don't, watch the video after the jump.

p/s :Don't laugh!!! It is my first time!!! And I have to say I am quite good for the first time!!!!


Michael Song said...

kanine, fat man also u put... wat the fuck???

Kev said...

hi, i had a chance (only once) to go to a Country Club, hold a golf club, and hit a few balls from the practise area to the greens. It was interesting :)

Jacob said...

now u into playing balls with ur friend's stick?

balls and stick....hmmm


butcher_weng said...

walau er!!! learn to play golf ar@@
when we have a competition!! hahahahaaahahaa